State of Florida vs. Jim Morrison

PUBLISHED IN ROLLING STONE BY GLORIA VANJAK MIAMI – A year and a half after the controversial concert at Dinner Key Auditorium in Coconut Grove, Florida, Jim Morrison is back nearby Miami to stand trial for his alleged indecent performance. The State of Florida vs. James Morrison began in criminal court on August 10th, and …

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Morrison’s Miami Trial: If All Else Fails You Can Petition The Lord With Prayer

Morrison's Miami Trial

Published in Rock Magazine By Mike Gershman ***Note: not full article Sometimes I wonder what I’m a-gonna do But there ain’t no cure for the summer-time blues. -E. Cochran There just are no summertime blues to compare with those felt here in Miami. We’re here—me, Jim, John, Ray, and Robbie, waiting—four Doors and a publicist—waiting …

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Interview with Jim Morrison

Published in ROLLING STONE By Ben Fing Do you still consider yourself the “Lizard King?” That was two years ago, and even then it was kind of ironic. I meant it ironically…half tongue-in-cheek. It was an easy thing to pick up on. I just thought everyone knew it was ironic, but apparently they thought I …

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The Doors and All That Rock


Published in the New York Times By DON HECKMAN MORRISON HOTEL: The Doors. (Elektra EKS- 750070 The Doors have shown remarkably little inclination toward change in their years on top of the pop heap. The elements of their music are still basically the same as when “Light My Fire” seemed to herald the arrival of …

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Words from the very pen of Jim Morrison himself – AUM Magazine 1969

Observations, comments, and pithy remarks excepted from Jim’s book The Lords, printed this spring- about 200 copies for his friends, he says, There will also be a simultaneous private printing of Morrison poems; the fourth Doors album; a screenplay he’s writing in collaboration with poet Michael McClure; a movie he wants to make based on …

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Rock Singer Released on $5,000 Bond


Published in the LA Times Jim Morrison, 25, lead singer of the rock group “The Doors” was free on $5,000 bond Friday after surrendering to the FBI here on a Miami lewd and lascivious conduct charge. The FBI said Morrison gave up to a U.S. commissioner Thursday and was released on bond. The charge stems …

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Fugitive ‘Doors’ Surrenders

Published in the Miami News By IAN GLASS Rock singer Jim Morrison surrendered to the FBI in Los Angles last night on a charge arising out of a controversial appearance he made at Miami’s Dinner Key Auditorium a month ago. A fugitive warrant had been issued on the 25-year-old Morrison, charging him with flight to …

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At The Bowl

Published in the Los Angeles Free Press Written by HARVEY PERR The Doors concert at the Hollywood Bowl could have (and should have) been great theatre. There was Jim Morrison, moving with animal grace, exuding his own peculiar sexuality, obviously in a good mood and ready to give his audience everything they wanted and possibly …

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