Fugitive ‘Doors’ Surrenders

Published in the Miami News

Rock singer Jim Morrison surrendered to the FBI in Los Angles last night on a charge arising out of a controversial appearance he made at Miami’s Dinner Key Auditorium a month ago.
A fugitive warrant had been issued on the 25-year-old Morrison, charging him with flight to avoid prosecution.
The long-haired singer who called himself “The King of Orgasmic Rock” made a brief appearance before a U.S. Commissioner. He was freed on ball.

An extradition hearing was set for April 14. Morrison indicated he will fight any move to have him return to Florida.

Six warrants, including one for a felony, have been issued by the State Attorney’s office here.
The felony charge is “lewd and lascivious behavior.” The misdemeanor charges are two counts of indecent exposure, two counts of open public profanity, and one of public drunkenness.
The combined maximum prison sentence on the six charges could be more than three years in Raiford.

Morrison’s group, The Doors, appeared before an audience of 12,000 young rock music fans—many of them girls.

From the beginning of his 65-minute appearance, former Florida State University student Morrison went wild.
He sceamed obscenities, exposed himself, and appeared, and appeared to masturbate. He then assaulted officials of Thee Image, a local rock concert hall that sponsored the show.
The audience had paid $6 and $7 for tickets to the performance. A dozen police officers did not arrest him during the performance—they had their hands full trying to cope with another 2,000 fans trying to get into the auditorium.