Jim’s Thoughts On The Doors’ Place Among Their Contemporaries

“Half of the people are getting very classical, sophisticated, and theatrical, and then there’s the need for blues. There’s a split. I’d like to do both. I enjoy both. I think that the Doors have a combination of both now. I think that it’s a successful combination.” –Jim Morrison speaking with Hullaballo in October 1968.

WANTED: London Roundhouse Footage

WANTED:We are on the hunt for the missing elements from the legendary show at London’s Roundhouse in 1968. On behalf of The Doors, Eagle Rock Entertainment is offering a $10,000 reward for the return of the original 16mm camera negatives filmed on September 6&7, 1968. These elements were used to create the documentary by Granada …

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‘The Doors’ Bang Out Hint of Inventiveness

NEWS OF MUSIC BY DONALD MINTZ Star Staff Writer The East Opera, The Doors. At the Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Md. The lights go out. In the darkness, twelve neon pilot lights glow on twelve amplifiers. The disc jockey from WEAM says, “Ladies and gentlemen, The Doors.” The spots come up and with them cascades …

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Doors Shout and Shriek To 5,000 in JFK Staduim – By Charles S. Gardner

Bridgeport, CONN. TELEGRA- AUGUST 2, 1968 The four-man rock group, the Doors, authors of today’s number one tune “Hello I Love You,” performed before 5,000 in Kennedy Stadium last night, singing, among other, the song that earned them their initial popularity, “Light My Fire.” Preceded by the five-man Graffiti, a credible, although somewhat eclectic group …

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Camden Courier Post – The Doors Concert Set At Arena

A concert featuring The Doors will be held at the Arena, 46th and Market Streets, Philadelphia, on Sunday evening, August 4, at 8 p.m. The Doors are the Elektra Records stars of “Light My Fire” and the current “Hello, I Love You.” In addition, All That The Name Implied and The Mandrake Memorial will also …

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Doors: “Waiting For The Sun” Review


Published in NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS Third album from this American underground group who have recently surfaced over here with their “Hello I Love You” single. That is among the 11 Doors penned and arranged tracks but is hardly representative. None of the tracks can be faulted: Jim Morrison is one of the best vocalists in …

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