Camden Courier Post – The Doors Concert Set At Arena

A concert featuring The Doors will be held at the Arena, 46th and Market Streets, Philadelphia, on Sunday evening, August 4, at 8 p.m.
The Doors are the Elektra Records stars of “Light My Fire” and the current “Hello, I Love You.”
In addition, All That The Name Implied and The Mandrake Memorial will also be on the bill with The Doors.
Jim Morrison is top man with The Doors and like some demonic vision, he hovers over the usual tightly-packed crowd of girls at stagefront. He peers into the darkness with sweat-blurred eyes. Swaying and staggering, the sonic waves exploding behind him, his distorted face registers a melting look of terror and despair and he goes into the opening phrases of “Light My Fire.”
Their music is an eerie amalgamation of primitive pulsations and beautiful lyricism. They write all their own material.
Robby Krieger is the guitarist with The Doors. He is 22, the youngest. John Densmore is 23 and plays the drums. Organist for the group is Ray Manzarek. At 26, he is the oldest in the outfit. Jim Morrison is 24, the singer, main writer and the most vocal of The Doors.