The Doors Reflect On Earliest Concerts; Jim Morrison’s Genius

Read the article in full at Rolling Stone. “When I think about the beginning of the Doors, it feels like a strange, beautiful psychedelic dream that happened,” John Densmore says. “I guess it happened.” The drummer has been reassessing the band’s salad days because he recently contributed to a newly released, limited-edition box set, London …

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Rolling Stone writer invites you to kick him in the ass, but…

LA Woman

“You can kick me in the ass for saying this (I don’t mind): this is the Doors’ greatest album and (including their first) the best album so far this year. A landmark worthy of dancing in the streets.” –Robert Meltzer for Rolling Stone on “L.A. Woman”

Other Voices and Full Circle Re-Issue Featured in Rolling Stone

CD Cover Full Circle.Other Voices 2015

The Doors’ two post-Jim Morrison LPs, 1971’s ‘Other Voices’ and 1972’s ‘Full Circle,’ are being reissued on vinyl and CD later this year. The re-release was the subject of a recent article in Rolling Stone magazine. Click here to read the full article.  

Absolutely Live, Doors

absolutely live

Published in Rolling Stone By Gloria Vanjak ***Note: last sentence cuts off in the third paragraph Elektra calls this double set an “organic documentary” which means they took a year to record it at various performances, splicing it together to sound like one ideal performance. It ain’t so ideal. When Jim Morrison shows up drunk …

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State of Florida vs. Jim Morrison

PUBLISHED IN ROLLING STONE BY GLORIA VANJAK MIAMI – A year and a half after the controversial concert at Dinner Key Auditorium in Coconut Grove, Florida, Jim Morrison is back nearby Miami to stand trial for his alleged indecent performance. The State of Florida vs. James Morrison began in criminal court on August 10th, and …

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Interview with Jim Morrison

Published in ROLLING STONE By Ben Fing Do you still consider yourself the “Lizard King?” That was two years ago, and even then it was kind of ironic. I meant it ironically…half tongue-in-cheek. It was an easy thing to pick up on. I just thought everyone knew it was ironic, but apparently they thought I …

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Jim Morrison Tells All


Published in ROLLING STONE By JERRY HOPKINS NEW YORK—Jim Morrison, looking like Che Guevara with heavy beard and long cigar, was in town with the Doors last week taping a Critique show for the National Educational Television network. The Gig (an Elektra Records brainchild) consisted of a ten-minute interview with rock writer Richard Goldstein and …

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Waiting For The Sun

rolling stone

Published in Rolling Stone By Jim Miller One night recently the Mothers were performing “Plastic People Louie Louie” when Frank Zappa stumbled onto the monologue that graces “The End” (“he took a face from the ancient gallery and he walked on down the hall…”). It was terribly funny, and it was nice to see Zappa …

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