The Doors – ‘L.A. Woman’ Review


By Pat Patrick Just to begin, I’d like to say that I am and have been for quite a while, one of those sock-em-and bop-em, tried and true, Doors fans. Even more to the point, I am an even more devoted Jim Morrison fan. (I Love Him!) And how, I am going to write a …

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The Doors and All That Rock


Published in the New York Times By DON HECKMAN MORRISON HOTEL: The Doors. (Elektra EKS- 750070 The Doors have shown remarkably little inclination toward change in their years on top of the pop heap. The elements of their music are still basically the same as when “Light My Fire” seemed to herald the arrival of …

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Doors: “Waiting For The Sun” Review


Published in NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS Third album from this American underground group who have recently surfaced over here with their “Hello I Love You” single. That is among the 11 Doors penned and arranged tracks but is hardly representative. None of the tracks can be faulted: Jim Morrison is one of the best vocalists in …

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