Strange Days

Published in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner By Richard Baxter The horse latitude lie at sea, 30 degrees north and south of the equator. They are characterized by unpredictable clams and storms and, in the day of the sailing ship, were treacherous. Vessels, becalmed or doomed to a brutal storm,…


Paul Williams, Intrepid Crawdaddy! Editor, flew to Englewood New Jersey, in March 1967 to record the following interview with Paul Rothchild, producer for Elektra Records. Cowboy Paul (see enclosed hat) Is 32, and had produced albums by the Butterfield Blues Band, Love, Koerner, Ray and Glover, etc.; the Top 20….

Doors Interview with Emmett Lake

Lake: What do you think of the scene in San Francisco as compared to LA? John: It’s a great audience to play to…and there’s so many kids there, just open… Robby: Although the crowd there is getting a little spoiled. Like every week they have either the Yardbirds, or the…

Crawdaddy Magazine – Unknown Soldier

by Michael Horowitz **(continued on from previous page?)…service, they’d choose Navy. But they’re just not interested in a military life altogether.” At the time, I did not let on that I knew that one of the “boys” Admiral Morrison was referring to was the nations leading rock personality. Yet the…