Rolling Stone Premiere: The Doors Only Mix of “Touch Me”

Read the whole article at Rolling Stone. When the Doors’ producer, Paul A. Rothchild, suggested adding orchestral strings and horns to guitarist Robby Krieger’s song “Touch Me,” Krieger was not happy. It was two years after Sgt. Pepper, and he says he was wary of the band being seen as copycats. “I said, ‘Oh, God. Now we’re copying the …

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The Big Interview

John Densmore and Robby Krieger on “The Big Interview”

Dan Rather sat down with Robby Krieger and John Densmore at the Whisky a Go Go to discuss everything from the music, to the activism, to how the world has changed since The Doors first debuted. It’s one of the most interesting and in-depth interviews the guys have ever done. The Doors episode airs March …

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Robby Krieger Talks To People Magazine About #Doors50

Read the original article here. Even legends have to start somewhere. For the Doors — the psych rock pioneers who pushed the limits of minds and music with tracks like “Light My Fire,” “Love Me Two Times” and “L.A. Woman”— it can all be traced to the London Fog on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip. Just months after forming, the nascent group …

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The Doors Reflect On Earliest Concerts; Jim Morrison’s Genius

Read the article in full at Rolling Stone. “When I think about the beginning of the Doors, it feels like a strange, beautiful psychedelic dream that happened,” John Densmore says. “I guess it happened.” The drummer has been reassessing the band’s salad days because he recently contributed to a newly released, limited-edition box set, London …

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On Jim, by Bruce Botnick

“Very, very polite. Incredibly well read. A great conversationalist. Artists like him, they see things and they’re on such a high plane that it’s difficult for them to have somebody to be on the same plane with. Jim was like that.” –Bruce Botnick

Jim Morrison On Self Awareness

“I think that, more than writing music and as a singer, my greatest talent is that I had an instinctive knack of self-image propagation. I was very good at manipulating publicity with a few little phrases like ‘erotic politics’. Having grown up on television and mass magazines, I knew instinctively what people would latch on …

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Jac Holzman Talks ‘The Doors’

DCM: Whose idea was the famous 1967 LA billboard? Jac: I saw a billboard and decided it was a good idea. Arthur Lee claims that I stole the idea from him which is not true. . .I had a feeling about the group. But here’s the story of the record release delay [The Doors]. When …

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