Rolling Stone writer invites you to kick him in the ass, but…

LA Woman

“You can kick me in the ass for saying this (I don’t mind): this is the Doors’ greatest album and (including their first) the best album so far this year. A landmark worthy of dancing in the streets.” –Robert Meltzer for Rolling Stone on “L.A. Woman”

A perfect, succinct review of L.A. Woman

LA Woman

“An almost unqualified masterpiece, each song has a clear identity.”–Q on L.A. Woman, November 1991. How would you review this classic? Need a copy?  

Doors still open on hard rock

LA Woman

By Mike Jahn The Doors have a new album out called “L.A. Woman”, and it is a continuation of their tend back to the hard rock of their birth. “L.A. Woman” [Elektra] is nearly all blues. The first album the Doors produced themselves; it is stark, bare and simple; it is more driving and rocking …

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