Circus Magazine – The Jim Morrison Interview with Sali Stevenson

Sitting, watching and waiting for a possible doom factor to happen with no way to halt it is a gut wrenching, nerve racking experience. Then the waiting was over, Jim Morrison faced Judge Murray Goodman in Miami. “You are a person graced with a talent, admired by many of your peers. Man tends to imitate …

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Circus Magazine – Richard Meltzer

(Following is Richard Meltzer’s current feelings on the Doors. When we asked him to write the article, we suggested he hear an advance copy of their new album, but he said, “nah, don’t need it. Just tell me what songs are on it.” So we told him and this is what he brought to us …

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Doors: Their Music and Their Hassles by Tony Glover

Caption under Picture 1, Page 1 – 

“We went off the stage, and, 10 minutes later, they started breaking chairs and going crazy. So we got in a whole bunch of trouble – and got a terrible review. “ A little history never hurts. Just a short time ago, the Doors came to Minneapolis for …

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