Variety – January 29, 1969


The Doors, one of the top rock combos which is now flying high on the success of a new Elektra single. “Touch Me,” made a triumphant return to New York Friday night (24) after many months in absentia. The Doors pulled some 20,000 very young patrons to Madison Square Garden for a capacity gross topping the $100,000 mark, at a $6.50 top.
The Doors, performing with an orchestra led by Jim Morrison, one of the major personalities in rockdom, remain one of the more bizarre and theatrical turns in the idiom. Some of the material was familiar, but crisply executed.
The sound system, which also plagued the gospel-rocking Staple Singers family, was a problem. Morrison, in his authoritarian manner, informed the aud that the lyrics were important, but then they could barely be separated from the wall of sound.
Tackling a production of this size can be a problem; one of the few concerts in which a large facility was ably utilized was The Cream’s memorable one at this site a few months ago. The Garden should follow its own lead, established for that event, in the future. Brent.