The Mayor of Honolulu cancels DOORS concerts

TOP POPS – JULY 12, 1969

The Mayor of Honolulu cancels DOORS concerts

Three more doors concerts have been cancelled – thanks to city authorities in St. Louis and Honolulu who think the group’s vocalist Jim Morrison is “obscene.”
The Doors had been scheduled to appear in St. Louis on June 13th and in Honolulu, July 3rd and 4th, but in the first city the city council stepped in and Hawaii, Honolulu’s mayor made his feelings known. Thumbs down on the Doors both places.
In the two cities it was determined that because Morrison had been charged with public drunkenness and exhibitionism, among other things, well…the Doors could just keep their dirty old habits to themselves. This, despite city attorneys advising the council in St. Louis that the council had no legal right to make such a ruling.
The St. Louis show was to have been the first performance by the Elektra group since the charges, still untried, were filed in Miami the first week in March. The Doors went on to Chicago, performing there June 14th. Both Chicago shows were sold out.
From Chicago the band went to Minneapolis for an additional show, then were set to appear in Mexico City’s largest bull ring, the Plaza Monumenta, the group also will be appearing at the Aquarius Theatre in Los Angeles, (the West Coast home of “Hair”) in July…and current plans call for another seven concerts in the U.S. in August.