By Pat Alisau

Mexico City, July 7 – The Doors were received enthusiastically by Mexican youth, but not by the city officials of the Mexican Press.
The Doors were brought don to open up Mexico for future presentations by other top rock groups, according to Mexican promoter, Mario Olmos. It had been reported before their arrival that they had been granted permission by president Gustavo Diaz Ordaz to perform in Mexico City’s Plaza Monumental bullring where the poorer classes of people would be able to afford the price of admission. But it didn’t work out that way.

200 Pesos a Head
Instead, the Doors found themselves confined to performing during their four-night stay at the Forum Club and to a select crowd that could afford the 200 pesos ($16) cover charge.
Attempts were made to get permits for the group to perform at the Mexican arena, the National Auditorium, and even in a security-tight closed performance for the students at Mexico’s National University, but permission was not granted.
Mayor Corona Del Rosal was afraid that a large public appearance by the Doors would spark some kind of riot or demonstration by students who have been in a state of agitation during the past year. Plans that had been announced for benefits shows, videotape concerts, and a photo art display did not materialize either.
Rocked the Rafters
The Mexican press was not too kind of the Doors either. El Heraldo was quoted as calling the group “hippies” and referring to them as undesirables.
The group was also denied accommodations in several of the large hotels and ended up staying in a smaller private hotel in one the residential sections.
There was not doubt that the Doors were a sensation at the Forum, where they played to record-breaking audiences nightly. With a selection of recorded songs, some that have not been released, and improvisations, they literally rocked the rafters loose. Jim Morrison, singing from the gut, completely losing himself as e does when he performs, had the audience totally absorbed, alternately screaming, chanting and completely silent.
The Doors took a sharp cut in salary for this junket, getting paid $5,000 a performance whereas usually the command $24,000 a concert outside Mexico.
They did manage, however, to film some footage of themselves at Mexico’s Museum of Anthropology.