Rolling Stone Article

Jim teased Leon a lot. Leon rally had a case on Jim, really wanted him.

Visited me a lot in new york. It was one of those fuck-the-interview-subject things. Supposed to interview him the first of 70, but didn’t actually get to it until spring or summer sometime. He wanted to do the thing. Talked about s&m a lot. I asked him about the Warhol bunch and it went from there, talking about physical whipping –and mental whipping and…he said he didn’t have the nerve for that sort of thing, altho it was obvious he was fascinated by it. Then he tore the tape out of the tape recorder, breaking the recorder. He bought me another. Then when he returned the tape it’d been erased. I told him I’d written it all down anyway and he panicked. I said I wouldn’t use it. He was afraid to see that sort of thing in print.

Interview at gardent district. Leon nearby and he kept coming over: “you obviously want to go to bed.” I said. “you obviously to come with us?”

Also in interview asked him how many times he’d made love. He said 500, ????? at least, he’d lost count; I said he didn’t have himself together enough for all that. He may’ve fucked that often, but that wasn’t making love. Oh, he said, make it twice that he made love. I said I thot that was a shame, too, because it didn’t to be so few.

He seemed so afraid to try so many things and every time you found out what one of those things was, you wondered how he got so worked up over nothing.

He went through his poetry with me. I didn’t like a lot of it and said so and we’d talk about it. And finally id have to say id had it, wed been thru all that before. I was being cool and heavy and new york-y and he was trying to macho his way out of the situation, so we never really got all that close.

Jim was the typical American…he thot girls had to be mommy or a cunt. And those are the words he’d use.

Rae anne rubinstein superficially quite friendly. She liked to take his picture because he was so much fun to take pictures of. And she liked him.

He’d come over to my loft and we’d drink and throw things and argue and holler and break glasses. It was crazy,.