Mexico City Shuts Plaza On Doors So They Play 4 Nights at Forum Café


Mexico City, July 8.
Concert by The Doors skedded for June 28 in Plaza Monumental bullring here was cancelled at the last moment when it was recalled that the date also marked the first anniversary of the 1968 student revolt in this city. It was feared that the crowds of youths who would turn out for the rock event might serve has a catalyst for some elements to touch off a demonstration commemorating the anniversary.
Instead The Doors played four nights at The Forum nightclub with a $16 cover charge.
This was just another in a series of snafus involved with the attempt to stage a Doors concert here. Concert originally was slated for May 31 but was postponed when it was learned that Mayor Corona Del Rosa had left on a trip without having authorized the permit. Attempts to hold the concert at other sites were unsuccessful.
The rock combo has had a rough time with the local press as well, being knocked as “hippies” and “undesirables.” They were also denied accommodations in several of the large hotels.
A capacity 48,000 had been expected for The Doors concert, first of its type in the al fresco Plaza Monumental. Turn reportedly was to have received over $20,000 for the night. Instead the Forum gig brought them $5,000 a night.