John Densmore and Robby Krieger Remember Tony Funches

Tony Funches epitomized soul.  He loved music and worked  with some heavyweights (Stones, Doors, etc.)  He had the not-easy task of trying to keep Jim (Morrison) out of trouble.  I was extremely fortunate to connect with Tony a few years ago, after a long absence.  It was a blessing.  He was articulate, progressive, and funny!  RIP, JD

Tony was my favorite of Jim’s bodyguard/ babysitters. Unlike most of the others, he tried to keep Jim from drinking too much. – Robby Krieger

He was a very sweet man. – Lynn Krieger

We at The Doors learned about Tony’s passing this morning (June 22, 2017.) Our condolences go to his loved ones. R.I.P., Tony. Say hi to Jim and Ray. – The Doors Team