Dusters California x The Doors Skateboard Collaboration Celebrates the Birth of Southern California Creative Counterculture

The 1967 debut of The Doors changed much more than the popular music scene.  The genre-defying band and its music helped transform youth lifestyle and usher in the rebellious counterculture that came to define the late ’60s. While The Doors captivated and challenged audiences with their blend of psychedelia, jazz, blues and poetry; just a few short years later, the same Los Angeles neighborhoods saw young Californians creating a new avenue for self-expression atop their recently re-imagined, urethane wheel clad skateboards.

Celebrating the love affair between skateboarding and music, the creativity spawned by the Southern California counterculture movement and the legacy of the trailblazing band that provided the spark, Dusters California proudly introduces two skateboards this July featuring The Doors, with iconic photos of front man Jim Morrison.  The two retro-shaped, yet high-performing boards, a cruiser and longboard, will be found at premier surf and skateboard shops globally and are perfect for nostalgia-inspired rides this summer and beyond.