Billboard Article – Doors Ring Bell, Fans Wail at Garden Date

NEW YORK- A 20-minute intermission seemed almost too long to wait for some 20,000 fans as they booed and stomped their feet waiting for the Doors’ concert Saturday (25) at Madison Square Garden. The Doors capped the bill which also starred the Staple Singers.
But the highly excitable audience cheered and applauded equally as loud throughout the group’s performance. Amid a constant barrage of electronic photo flashes giving the appearance of a planned strobe light show, the Elektra Recording group hurled word pictures and shattering sounds throughout the mammoth hall.
Jim Morrison, the leader of the Doors, was in top form as he basked in the continual shower of screams and shouts from the crowd. Backed by an orchestra and with the aid of the hall’s good acoustics, the Doors slung their terse, but potent lyrics filled with sexual connotations and underground messages. Their aim was dead center as they coupled their hit singles such as “Touch Me,” “Love Me Two Times,” and “Light My Fire” with some of the top numbers from their albums.

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