Fan Submissions Sample 4

Submitted By: John Doe
Date: 05/24/1968 | Venue: The Coliseum | City: Los Angeles, CA

The first time I read Jerry Hopkins & Danny Sugerman’s Jim Morrison biography No One Here Gets Out Alive back when it was published in 1980, I came across the following sentence, “The concerts in Milwaukee and Columbus on the 1st and 2nd (of November) were ordinary.” I was at the concert in Columbus on November 2nd. After police stopped the show during the set-ending “Light My Fire” and ordered the crowd to disperse, the audience refused to leave the auditorium for 45 minutes and subsequently began ripping up & setting fire to the seats in Veteran’s Memorial. I’m not sure what constituted an ‘ordinary’ show to Sugerman in sunny Los Angeles, but in Columbus, Ohio, this was not your everyday rock & roll show.