Fan Submissions Sample 3

Submitted By: John Doe
Date: 05/24/1968 | Venue: The Coliseum | City: Los Angeles, CA

I was at The Doors concert at Cal State LA in ’67. As this page states, it was held in the gym. Not the most comfortable venue. But we were kids and it was great! It was one of those moments where your life takes a turn. Somehow, to my hearing, the music was superior to the recorded versions, but nothing could compete with the spectacle of Morrison–reading poetry, tossing pages to the floor as he went, leaning over and gazing at Robby’s guitar playing. I don’t know how long they had gone on, but it must have been close to lights out, when I looked to my left and there through the doors came my dad–chinos, loafers, crew cut–and the look on his face was the pure expression of “what the hell is going on here?” The band was in the middle of a never end in this lifetime version of Soul Kitchen, Morrison was laying on his back on the stage thrashing around like he was having a rock ‘n roll seizure, the plump little girl in the plastic see through dress looked like she was about to commit nasties on the lizard king’s body right then and there at the foot of the stage, and there I was–14 years old, sitting in the bleachers and thinking “This is the best time I’ve ever had! I gotta do a lot more of this! And where do I get some weed?!