Fan Submissions Sample 1

Submitted By: John Doe
Date: 05/24/1968 | Venue: The Coliseum | City: Los Angeles, CA

I was visiting Los Angeles with Daily Flash and had time to kill, so I simply went to see them play one night just prior to their leap into stardom.

I was staying at the Tropicana Motor Hotel. Over breakfast I met John Densmore. I had no idea who he was but we managed to develop a decent conversation that was followed by an invitation to pop across the road to see the rehearsal studio. John put me on the guest list later that night at Pandora’s to see them perform. That’s it. Not much of a story, but they were excellent… playing a set of controlled but strong music pieces… I could sense an academic/philosophic mind at work behind their ideas. The club was small. The group were situated on the floor level with the audience, and everyone in the club was standing as close as possible to the group. Maybe there were a little less than 100 people. It was intimate. The night reminded me of the first gigs of the Daily Flash, where the people who came to see us, both new fans and friends needed us to raise the bar for what a performance could be, somehow turn the night into magic.